Discover the soul that pervades Varanasi, walking amidst spectacular places – often unknown, listening to the back-stories interweaving History, Culture, and meeting the locals. Our Walking Tours will open the city to you, & help make the most of your time.

Our Walks & Tours

Essential Varanasi Walk (North Walk)

Starting in the heart of the old city, the walk takes you through its colourful markets, captivating places of worship, ancient buildings of stupendous architecture, and even greater stories! 

Understand the key elements of Hindu philosophy, how Varanasi's unique Geography led to its becoming India's spiritual capital, and the city’s compelling take on Death & Moksha (Salvation). Punctuated with frequent hidden-in-the-corner spots of solace amidst the hustle-bustle, the walk perfectly emulates the eccentricities of Banaras!

Preferred Timings - Late Mornings, Early Evenings; Duration - 3-4 hrs
Starting point - Saint Thomas Church, Girijaghar Crossing (Map)
Distance covered while walking - 2.5-3 kms; Ending point - Manikarnika ghat (Map)

South Walk (City of Good Life!)

South is the calmer part of Varanasi whose serene settings have inspired philosophers and poets for centuries and where the timeless virtues of this city can still be seen in their full glory.

Get up-close with Indian classical Music, community Yoga, blissful Temple ambiences, traditional Wrestling, artisans working on intricate handlooms and 2,500 year old Pilgrimage sites. Weaving through the favourite spots of the locals, the walk leaves with a deep understanding of the special way of life in this oldest continuously living city of the world!

Preferred Timings - Early Mornings; Duration - 3-4 hrs
Starting point - Assi ghat, next to Subah-e-Banaras stage (Map)
Distance covered while walking - 2-2.5 kms; Ending point - Harishchandra ghat road (Map)

Food Walk (Delectable Street Food!)

The lively and labyrinthine Varanasi streets famous for their hidden historical gems, are also home to some of the most delectable desserts and street food options, whose recipes have been perfected over centuries!

Join us as we walk through the bylanes to the best of the food joints savoring Malaiyo, Tamatar Chaat, Kalakand, Malai Toast, Maalpuas, Gol-Gappas, Banarasi Paan and much more! And relish in not just the mouthwatering delicacies, but also hearty conversations with their Banarasi makers 🙂

Preferred Timings - Early Evenings; Duration - 2-3 hrs
Starting point - Saint Thomas Church, Girijaghar Crossing (Map)
Distance covered while walking - 2-2.5 kms; Ending point - Gadowlia crossing (Map)


Boat tours - Sunrise & Sunset

The mighty 2,525 kms Ganga, worshipped across India for her nourishing and cleansing powers, is perhaps at her beautiful best in the 6.5 kms stretch at Varanasi.

Ride with us to understand the role that the beloved river plays in the lives of people and revel in the stories of the myriad forts, palaces and temples dotting her ghats. Watching the bustling life unfold at the ghats, as we peacefully flow with Ganga’s serene waters, is like a first-hand experience of Moksha (Salvation) 🙂

Sunrise and Sunset are both amazing times to be on the river, presenting unique shades of the Ganga and different aspects of life on the ghats.

Sunrise is one of the most beautiful spectacles in Varanasi as the sun rises on an empty horizon over the Ganga, colouring the sky with hues of red before rising like a shining orange. It then moves on to reflect in the waters and finally baths down the beautiful ghats – a photographer’s delight! Sunrise is also a good time to observe morning rituals on the river as the whole riverbank turns into one large Sun temple!

Sunset presents a completely different and lighter shade of Ganga as the sun peeks from behind the structures on the ghats. The ghats themselves come alive with cricket matches, kite flying and music sessions as people come to unwind in the gentle evening breeze blowing over the Ganga. The boat ride ends with witnessing the majestic Ganga Aarti (Ceremony) at the Dashashwamedha ghat.

Preferred Timings - Sunrise, Sunset; Duration - 2-3 hrs
Starting point - Assi ghat, next to Subah-e-Banaras stage (Map)
Ending point - Dashashwamedha ghat (Map)

Sarnath Tour

The story of how a simple, yet profound, epiphany of an inquisitive explorer became the guiding light for 500 million people in today's world is a most fascinating one. And what better place to relive the tale than where he himself set the wheel of Buddhism in motion about 2,500 years ago!

Join us as we explore the ruins of the first Buddhist monastic system, the Dhameka Stupa where Buddha preached his first sermon, marvel at the gleaming Lion capital which is now India's national emblem and visit peaceful Buddhist temples. Connecting the dots at these places, we will also understand how a decadent Prince Siddhartha became the enlightened Buddha, and used some fine entrepreneurial skills to spread his wisdom 🙂

Preferred Timings - Mornings, Afternoons; Duration - 4-5 hrs
Starting point - Saint Thomas Church, Girijaghar Crossing (Map)

Special Festival Tours

Ramlila Tour (Sep 2017)

It's that time of the year again - when India’s biggest theatre is being played across the Ganga from Varanasi! With larger-than-life sets, fascinating screenplay and a storyline that has inspired Indians for thousands of years, the Ramlila of Ramnagar draws thousands of viewers, referred to as Ramayanis, from all walks of life. Young-Old, Men-Women, Sadhus-Businessmen - sit on the ground, in the trees, and on the walls - listening to the dialogues in pin-drop silence, and then breaking into jubilant cheers and bhajans between the scenes.

Join us as we head into this fun-filled annual pilgrimage and witness the magic of Indian melas! 🙂

Note - Photographing the festival is not allowed. The images here have been taken with due permission from Ramlila organisers

Timings - 4-9pm, Sep, 2018

Starting point - South Point Cafe, Nagwa, Lanka (Map)

Dev Diwali (Nov 2018)

Imagine the generally spell-binding ghats of Varanasi decorated with millions of handcrafted lamps, colourful Rangolis, and cheerful cultural events! Even the Gods, it’s believed, come to Varanasi on this day, to witness this mesmerising spectacle!

Join us as we soak in the beauty of the ghats end-to-end, going with the Ganga’s flow in a peaceful boat. Understand the mythological and cultural significance of this most beautiful festival. And become a part of the festivities as we join the locals on the ghats to light our own lamps 🙂

Timings - TBA (Nov 2018) 

Starting point - Harmony Book store, Assi ghat (Map)

Know Your Guides

An avid traveller, having journeyed from the Himalayas to the Maha Kumbh at Prayag, Aayush quit his job at a global management consulting firm to spread his love for exploring places and discovering new cultures. An engineer at heart, he continues to apply the First Principles method to understand the evolution of cultures which lets him explain India’s seeming complexities in a logical manner.

Explore with him the city he has come to love the most 🙂

Coming from a family with a strong ethos in ancestral wisdom, Anchal grew up with a deep interest in Yoga, Sports and the healing power of food. A highly perceptive nature, coupled with marketing stints in healthcare & education space which took her to different parts of India, kindled her passion to know more about Indian culture. And what better way to learn than to help people discover it, she thinks!

Experience with her the harmony in Varanasi's chaos 🙂

A self-taught programmer and an avid reader, Akshat has also studied religion and spirituality from Hindu monks in the Himalayas. He brings a unique perspective of finding beauty in everyday things, and also exploring the underlying logic. Having grown up across the length and breadth of India, he came to Varanasi exploring his own truth, and decided to make this city his home.

Explore Varanasi with its most infatuated traveller, who stayed 🙂

Born and brought up in Varanasi, Saurabh’s favourite pastime as a kid was to sit in the Music Mehfils by Ganga's ghats. His love for Public speaking and Poetry led him to anchoring several major heritage shows, where he got a chance to learn more about Varanasi from her most eloquent lovers. Actively involved in the social service scene, he has been awarded Varanasi’s Youth icon for 2 consecutive years.

Tune-in with him into the ‘khulla mizaaj’ (joyful spirit) of Varanasi 🙂

We are a registered company (Reg. No. - UPSA43707842), with a team that's keen on sharing the Indian heritage with the world. We all come from different educational and industrial backgrounds, held together by a common philosophy rather than a formal network. 

Testimonials from our explorers

We took back to back tours with Akansha (essential Delhi walk) and Aayush (food tour) and both were absolutely amazing!! Worth every rupee and so much fun. The walking tour takes you to places you would never get to otherwise, and the food tour - well, simply delicious. Plus, Aayush was such an outstanding guide, we wish we could have continued all day. Highly recommended!

Reni Ashkenazi

Reviewed on TripAdvisor

We had a great day in Delhi with Roobaroo walks. We asked them specifically to customise a trail and they promptly researched the area and constructed a fascinating tour through it which enhanced our historical understanding and appreciation of the site. Plus, Roobaroo always has the best stories! Afterwards, Aayush took me to the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Sikh temple, and showed me around with deep knowledge and sensitivity. Helping out in the Gurudwara kitchen after eating lunch with the community was one of the highlights of my trip 🙂

Esther Drill

Reviewed on TripAdvisor

Roobaroo planned a splendid walking tour for us in Mehrauli in Delhi even though this site was not on their list of organized tours. They researched it thoroughly and provided us with a well thought out and very knowledgeable tour of the area. I can’t say enough about this tour group. As a world traveler, I have had experiences with many tour organizations but none with the thoughtfulness and intelligence displayed by Roobaroo

Sharon Messitte

Reviewed on TripAdvisor

Roobaroo Walks will take you to places few meters away from chaos & you will be awe struck to experience the gentle side of Varanasi - peace like no other place has. Every corner has a story & Roobaroo Walks is best at narrating them. I have been to the city multiple times in the past but only got to know the real city after going for the tour!

Pragya Verma

Reviewed on TripAdvisor

Rivendell, a bunch of hobbits, and Gandalf! That's how I pictured ourselves while Aayush was navigating us through the narrow labyrinths of the mystical & magnificent Banaras. Saw all cultures & beliefs converging into one space and modifying themselves as per modern times. Tales from the oldest civilisations wrapped up in a 3-hour walk! 


Reviewed on TripAdvisor

While we had explored the city by ourselves, & all of us have been in India for several months, having the walk made Varanasi come alive and added so much more context to everything we had seen. They were also very responsive while booking (it was a bit last minute and we were a bit indecisive), so that was much appreciated!

Sonya S, USA

Reviewed on TripAdvisor

I participated in the north & south walks. They were both different and offered real insights into life and religion in Varanasi that a guide book will never give you. These tours are not to be missed. The walk reveals Varanasi's history through personal stories of inhabitants. An added advantage is that they are realistically priced!

Helen Barrow, Australia

Reviewed on TripAdvisor

There are 2 Varanasis: BR (Before Robaroo) and AR (After Robaroo). BR is a crowdy, caotic, smelly, noisy and dirty city where you want to run away asap. AR is one of the most interesting places you've ever been and you'll ever be with a very rich history, super interesting culture, crazy rituals and habits, and one of the best food you can find on earth!

Pato Castellano, Argentina

Reviewed on TripAdvisor

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