Zubaan – Indie music performance

What happens when Varanasi’s best folk and classical musicians come together with eclectic young artists of Zubaan, and create soulful Indie music? Find out for yourself on the evening of January 26th @ Roobaroo House 🙂 Trailers –

Cosmic Dance through telescope

Join us this Jan 26th, as all planets from Mercury to Saturn gather in a straight line to join the Republic Day celebrations at Assi ghat 🙂 While the planets can also be observed through naked eyes, using a telescope

Oral Traditions of India – Film Screening and Discussion

Did you know that the Vedas existed for many centuries in the oral form before being written down? In India, knowledge, values and wisdom have been transferred orally from one generation to the other using folk songs, tales, legends and

Workshop – Drawing, from the right side of the brain!

If you’ve ever felt an urge to draw but figured that it wasn’t the thing for you – we’ll prove you wrong! Roobaroo House, in association with SHURUA(R)T, brings a fun-filled 3 hours workshop, based on scientific principles and conducted by the

Painting workshop part 2 – Banaras’ Gallis

Learn to paint the fun way with Hitesh and Sandeep, artists at India’s top Fine Arts University – BHU, as they teach you not just the fundamentals but also help you develop the eye of an artist. What’s more –