Zubaan – Indie music performance

What happens when Varanasi’s best folk and classical musicians come together with eclectic young artists of Zubaan, and create soulful Indie music? Find out for yourself on the evening of January 26th @ Roobaroo House 🙂 Trailers –

Fusion music night!

If you thought classical and modern music didn’t go well together, well – think again, or just drop by the Roobaroo House this Saturday evening as Manish and Aayush – the new-age Radio sensations of Varanasi, get jamming with their Flute

Scintillating melodies on Sitar

Join us for a blissful performance of one of the most soothing instruments of Indian classical Music – the sitar. And as its bearer, we have the immensely talented prodigy of the Banarasi gharana – Shri Ankur Mishra, who has