We aim to help you look at a place not as a collection of its famous landmarks but as a living being which has evolved over time amalgamating the various people who’ve inhabited it, their values and cultures

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Our walks

Essential Varanasi! (North walk)

Starting in the heart of the old city, the walk takes you through its colourful markets, captivating places of worship, ancient buildings of stupendous architecture, and even greater stories! 

Experience the lively Banarasi way of life, elements of Hindu philosophy and mythology, and at Manikarnika - the main burning ghat, understand the city’s compelling take on Death & Moksha. Punctuated with frequent hidden-in-the-corner spots of solace amidst the hustle-bustle, the walk perfectly emulates the eccentricities of Banaras!

Preferred timings - Late mornings, Early evenings; Duration - 3-4 hrs

Meeting point - Saint Thomas Church, Girijaghar Crossing 

The City of Good Life! (South walk)

Removed from the hubbub of the North, the walk explores the calmer South of Varanasi whose serene settings have inspired philosophers and poets for centuries and where the timeless virtues of this city can be seen in full glory . 

Starting with a live performance of Indian classical music, walk into a traditional Wrestling Akhara, magnificent historic structures, a temple where young kids are studying Vedas, and a neighbourhood replete with handloom workshops. Connecting the dots along this quirky mix of venues, you'd be left with a deep understanding of this oldest continuously thriving culture in the world.

Preferred timings - Early mornings; Duration - 3-4 hrs

Meeting point - Assi ghat, next to Subah-e-Banaras stage 

Ghats Walk

A ghat is an easy approach route for people to access their beloved river. Besides giving Varanasi its timeless look, the ghats have also been witness to major historical events which unfolded as the who's who from Indian history gravitated towards this mystical city. Today the ghats have become Varanasi's cultural lifeline. 

Join us as we cover the city from ghat to ghat relishing in their fascinating stories and catching people playing Cricket, flying Kites, chatting on Chai or just Buffaloes bathing in the Ganga! 🙂

Preferred timings - Early mornings, Early evenings; Duration - 3-4 hrs

Meeting point - Flexible 

Boat tour

Ride with us as we follow the Ganga from Assi ghat, where it enters Varanasi, and flowing with its serene waters, experience the city which has captivated people from far and beyond for over 3 millennia.

Understand the role that the beloved river plays in the lives of people along its banks and revel in the stories of the myriad forts, palaces and temples dotting its ghats.

Preferred timings - Sunrise, Sunset; Duration - 2-3 hrs

Meeting point - Flexible 

Only available as a private tour

Food Walk

The lively and labyrinthine Varanasi streets famous for their hidden historical gems, are also home to some of the most delectable desserts and street food options - Malaiyo, Kalakand, Bread Malai, Tamatar Chaat, Gol-Gappas, Banarasi Paan and much more! 

Join us as we walk through the gallis to the best of the food joints and relish in not just the mouth watering delicacies but also hearty conversations with their Banarasi makers.

Preferred timings - Early evenings; Duration - 3-4 hrs

Meeting point - Saint Thomas Church, Girijaghar Crossing 

Only available as a private tour

Know Your Guides!

Aayush circle

An avid traveller, having journeyed from the Himalayas to the Maha Kumbh at Prayag, Aayush quit his job at a global management consulting firm to spread his love for exploring places and discovering new cultures. An engineer at heart, he continues to apply the First Principles method to understand the evolution of cultures.

Explore with him the city he has come to love the most!

Anchal circle

Coming from a family with a strong ethos in ancestral wisdom, Anchal grew up with a deep interest in Yoga, Sports and the healing power of food. Her marketing stints in healthcare & education space took her to different parts of India and kindled her passion to know more about Indian culture and help people discover it.

Experience with her the harmony in Varanasi's chaos!

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