Redefining Cultural Spaces


It is our dream to create a place where common people have avenues to engage with Arts, Creativity & Expression for better utilization of leisure time and development of thoughtful individuals. At the same time, Artists have access to an engaged audience and a platform to experiment.

Such a linkage would positively re-invent the socio-cultural identity and enrich the community as a whole.

We have successfully experimented with the feasibility and financial sustainability of such a cultural space by running the Roobaroo House, in pilot phase in Varanasi. And having seen its positive outcomes on the artists, the local audience and the travellers - we don’t want to stop! 

Reviews from visitors... 

  • Totally a new experience for me! Being in Kashi is not enough until you know about it. Everything we practise has a meaning behind it!

    Sneha Soni, Student BHU


  • Stop searching! This is the place you want to visit everyday while in Varanasi. It's a nice and quite dwelling, full of life and stories to be told, lessons to be learnt and amazing food 🙂

    Tamara Dayoub, Traveller


  • Roobaroo House is doing a fabulous job in conserving our Art and Culture. A must-go place! Do visit atleast once.

    Kriti Singh, Entrepreneur


  • I wanted to organise a Painting workshop to get people who'd never tried painting before, get comfortable with it. But finding a venue can be difficult in Varanasi. When I visited the Roobaroo House, the positive vibes I experienced there told me this could be a great venue. And rightly so, with no hassles, I was able to conduct the workshop there 🙂

    Udita Tikmani, Painter


Media Coverage for contribution in Cultural space...


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Ganga 'The Soul of India', hosted by Dia Mirza

The Times of India

Article citation in Varanasi Times

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Exclusive 1 hour interview under a series that covers worthwhile new initiatives in Varanasi

Roobaroo House v2.0 - Call for Support


After a well received and super-fun run for 5 months, Roobaroo House faced a bump in Feb 2016 because of venue issues. We have since been utilising a host of temporary venues to let the events and ideas shape up.


With the continued support from artists and the amazing Varanasi people, we have also utilised this time to regroup our thoughts, restructure the concept and are now looking to come back. Bigger and better!


And for that - we need your support. We have prepared a thorough proposal & a short video, and would really appreciate if you could go through them. If you feel you could help us in realising this dream, please write to us! Thank you 🙂



A short video pitch...


Detailed proposal...