The quaint, green, and monuments-abound site of Mehrauli is the ideal setting to discuss the grand saga of the first interaction between the Islamic and Hindu civilizations, which started towards the end of the 12th century and changed the course of North India forever!

Join us as we trace the shifting patterns of Architecture and Design motifs in the Qutub complex to reconstruct how the ideas were exchanged and imbibed over time. Explore the exciting trails in the Mehrauli Archaeological park - full of hidden treasures - such as the ruins of a 16th-century residential neighborhood. Revel in the often unbelievable stories of Kings, Queen (India's first!), Saints and Slaves who played pivotal roles; and understand the dynamics of educational institutions, civil courts, and social structures of medieval India. Rediscover history in a fun way 🙂

Starting point - Qutub Minar Ticket Center (Map)
Ending point - Mehrauli Archaeological Park


- INR 800 per person for Indians

- INR 1,300 for International visitors (due to the difference in entry ticket charges)

Inclusions - Entry tickets, Storyteller well versed with Delhi's heritage, light snacks

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