Our Objective

We aim at helping people discover the soul that pervades India via stories interweaving her Culture, History and beautiful places with our Walking Tours, Yoga, Food Experiences & Art collaborations.

The richness of Indian heritage hardly needs any introduction. A system of mighty rivers nourishing some of the world's oldest civilisations, a great geographical diversity fostering a cultural kaleidoscope, and a strategic location at the boundary of the east and west have led to it becoming one of the most happening spots on the planet! This melange however, has also rendered the Indian heritage such an intricate design that can be overwhelming for an uninitiated seeker to comprehend. Also, with their origins shrouded in myth, the cool scientific rationale behind a lot of traditions are lost upon people.

A fun-filled and experiential way of surfacing these hidden gems, and a chance to interact with their aspiring bearers can help the seekers appreciate India for much more than just its colours and also help ease them into our seemingly eccentric culture. It can also arm the practitioners of this age-old culture with the right arsenal to make necessary changes to some of the practices, in keeping with the changing context, so that their richness may be enjoyed for years to come!


Our Plan

We have started our endeavour in Varanasi - a microcosm of India! Here we organise Walking Tours, Yoga, and Food experiences and Artists collaborations. We are also in the process of coming out with a mobile application that would let travellers explore different elements of the City's Heritage using GPS-enabled audio-visual Guided Tours.

In time to come, and with your support, we plan to cover as much of India as we can! 🙂

Our Team

Anchal Sachan

Co-Founder, Creative Head and Storyteller

Coming from a family with a strong ethos in ancestral wisdom, Anchal grew up with a deep interest in Yoga, Sports and the healing power of food. A highly perceptive nature, coupled with marketing stints in healthcare & education space which took her to different parts of India, kindled her passion to know more about Indian culture. And what better way to learn than to help people discover it, she thinks!

Aayush Rathi

Co-Founder, Content Head and Storyteller

An avid traveller, having journeyed from the Himalayas to the Maha Kumbh at Prayag, Aayush quit his job at a global management consulting firm to spread his love for exploring places and discovering new cultures. An engineer at heart, he continues to apply the First Principles method to understand the evolution of cultures which lets him explain India’s seeming complexities in a logical manner.

Akshat Agrawal

Storyteller, Bookings Manager, Technology Associate

A self-taught programmer and an avid reader, Akshat has also studied religion and spirituality from Hindu monks in the Himalayas. He brings a unique perspective of finding beauty in everyday things, and also exploring the underlying logic. Having grown up across the length and breadth of India, he came to Varanasi exploring his own truth, and decided to make this city his home.

Saurabh Chakravarty


Born and brought up in Varanasi, Saurabh’s favourite pastime as a kid was to sit in the Music Mehfils by Ganga's ghats. His love for Public speaking and Poetry led him to anchoring several major heritage shows, where he got a chance to learn more about Varanasi from her most eloquent lovers. Actively involved in the social service scene, he has been awarded Varanasi’s Youth icon for 2 consecutive years.


We are a registered company (Reg. No. - UPSA43707842), with a team that's keen on sharing the Indian heritage with the world. We all come from different educational and industrial backgrounds, held together by a common philosophy rather than a formal network.