"Roobaroo” is an urdu word meaning soul-to-soul. That’s where we aspire to bring you with the Incredible India 🙂

We are a team of young and spirited individuals who love exploring India and are mightily excited about sharing our insights! We believe that travel isn’t and can’t be just about ticking some destinations off the bucket list. Hence, with Roobaroo Walks, we help you colour your travel by letting you get under the skin of a city and step deeper into its culture, history, and traditions.

Our primary endeavour is to craft unforgettable travel memories by making you feel like an insider, even if for just a few hours 🙂

How do we do it

Our experiences go through the places where you will revisit India’s legacy, rub shoulders with the representatives of the world’s ancient-most culture, bump into great rituals, explore lost arts and possibly make a journey to your inner-self.

You will find yourself immersed in gripping stories at fascinating locales, flying a kite with a local champion, playing the sitar with a master musician, tasting and cooking local food and surrounded by native (but) like-minded people.

Our ‘Heritage Walks & Tours’ define the aura of Roobaroo. These tours are planned after rigorous research, continuous exploration of the areas, and interpretation of the local legends using historical facts. The tours are led by Storytellers (we don’t like to call ourselves “Guides”) who are responsible & thinking Indian citizens. They are well versed in the heritage information and recognize where we stand as a country and culture today.

We undertake ‘responsible tourism’ that involves and benefits the local community. Our travellers cherish interacting with the local yet creative expressions and are enthused by their first-hand pedagogic interactions.

We also love to keep you in the know at all times – even when you’re not with us! We have a user-friendly Mobile App for self-guided hyperlocal experiences. It puts the breadth and depth of your queries and curiosities in the palm of your hand. Our app is location-aware and works offline too!

Where are we

We took our first steps in Varanasi, India, in June 2015 and are now extending to other destinations. Our Delhi chapter was launched in February 2018 and Lucknow and Amritsar chapters are in the pipeline.

We have conducted 1,000+ Heritage Walks and have made to the memories of over 5,000 travellers from 45+ nationalities. We have received the Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2 consecutive years and have gained more than 550 valuable reviews, mostly 5 stars (95% of them!).

The second version of our Mobile App is under testing with the travellers in Varanasi from June 2018 and has shown encouraging results.

In time, we plan to cover all of India and other countries to continue leaving the trails with memorable experiences 🙂

Our Team

Anchal Sachan

Co-Founder, Head of Strategy, Storyteller

MBA, Yoga Instructor, National Basketball player

Aayush Rathi

Co-Founder, Head of Trails Design, Storyteller

IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad, Avid traveler

Deepanjali Bakshi

Trail Researcher, Delhi Storyteller

Ex-Army, Yoga Instructor, Avid traveler

Sudarshan Chakravarty

Varanasi Storyteller, Business Development

History Enthusiast, Mechanical Engineer

Akanksha Gupta

Trail Researcher, Delhi Storyteller

Bad-ass Content writer, Pursuing Masters in Psychology

Anupam Singh

Varanasi Storyteller, Creatives Manager

Professional Photographer, Masters in Journalism & Mass Comm

Mudita Bapat

Varanasi Storyteller, Content Writer

Masters in Travel Management, Graduate in Zoology & Botany

Saurabh Chakrabarty

Varanasi Storyteller

Professional Anchor, Masters in Journalism & Mass Comm

Kritika Rathi

Social Media Manager

Economics Undergrad, Dance Enthusiast

Samir Kher

Lucknow Storyteller, Trail Researcher

Founder of Deep Dive India, History buff

Chhavi Singhania

Varanasi Storyteller

Teacher, Kids-Storyteller

We are a registered company (Reg. No. - UPSA43707842), with a team that's keen on sharing the Indian heritage with the world. We all come from different educational and industrial backgrounds, held together by a common philosophy rather than a formal network.